Clearing agency boss roots for security to revive economy 

Clearing agency boss roots for security to revive economy 

The chairperson of the Nimule Clearing Agents and Freight Forwarders Association (NCAFFA), Deng Daniel, called for security stability to help spur local production.

Speaking to The City Review on Wednesday, Deng argued that security stability would automatically support the production of necessary crops, which would help to shore up the faltering economy of the country.

“A productive population makes it easier for the government to run its affairs. Still earlier and a better decision can be made as part of avenues to improve agricultural productivity,” Deng said.  

He added that while providing government employees with a one-month salary might help with hunger, he said this would not improve the majority of citizens’ financial circumstances.

“There is a very big misunderstanding in the belief that the Presidency or the Ministry of Finance can address the current economic challenge, which is either imported or resulted from a lack of domestic production due to so many factors.”

For him, the state governments should not be overlooked, adding that the power of a nation is the population, which is in the states.

He emphasised that the states are the implementers of policies, yet there is no mechanism to enforce accountability by the national government.

“Where there is a security challenge and a lack of service delivery at any given time that pushes citizens into the city in search of services, it affects the economy greatly,” he added.

He called on the leaders to convene an emergency meeting with the governors and economic cluster at the Presidency to address security concerns and enable the return of IDPs and refugees to start agriculture.

Enforce strict adherence to tax laws and policies while enforcing accountability and strict remittances of the 40 per cent of revenue to the national government for management and redistribution.

He also suggested that the allocation of grants and loans to cooperatives and individuals who have already started agricultural production is vital for supporting the current economy.

In addition, Dend argued that re-mobilization, orientation, and re-deployment of available forces to vulnerable areas to maintain security while ensuring harmonious civil-military relations and stricter adherence to pro-civilian peace and security is also needed.

Ensuring holistic opening of the river Nile transport is another solution he has given.

The use of dialogue where necessary is also commendable, especially dialogue among stakeholders to build confidence and consolidate peace among leaders and all citizens.