Civil servants in Kapoeta denied salary over ID cards

Civil servants in Kapoeta denied salary over ID cards

The civil servants in Kapoeta East County, Eastern EquatoriaState, claimed they had been denied salary for July due to a lack of identity cards.

The area commissioner, Abdallah Angelo Lokeno, said the restriction on salary has made his workers confused.

“This is a very big issue here in the county; these people said there is a need for everyone to have IDs, national identity cards, and birth certificates,” he said.

“For us here in Kapoeta East County, the biggest county in the state, our people are illiterate; they don’t know Arabic or English,” Abdallah explained.

According to the commissioner, they have already reached out to the state government to help those whom he described as locals receive their money even without ID cards.

 “Kauto, Lotimor, Kuron, Mogos, Jie, and the New Site—these people have not received their salaries and we have already reported the problem to the state.”

He said the restriction should have been announced two months earlier so the civil servants could prepare their ID cards.

The commissioner expressed worries as to what would happen if the employees deserted duty.

 “Now if they are not paid that means the school will be closed, the hospitals will be down and even drivers for the county and all staff stop work,” Abdallah stated.