Civil rights group condemns child rape in Aweil

Civil rights group condemns child rape in Aweil

A civil society group has condemned the recent heinous incident where a Sudanese man was reported to have molested a six-year-old to her death and dumped her body in a pit latrine.

The Child Rights Civil Society Coalition called for the prosecution of Saber Abdalla Abusam, who is accused of committing the crime in Northern Bahr el Ghazal on May 3, 2022.

‘‘CRC strongly condemns this violation of Article 19 of the UNCRC and Section 22 (3) C of Child Act 2008, South Sudan which stipulates that every child must be protected from all types of violence, sexual abuse, exploitation and harassment, including, but not limited to rape, incest, inducement or coercion of a child to witness or engage in a sexual activity; the use of a child in prostitution or other sexual practice,’’ it stated in a press release seen by The City Review.

 It added: ‘‘The coalition calls on the state government to carry out an immediate investigation and that the perpetrator be held accountable.”

 ‘‘Our hearts go out to the family at this difficult time with the deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences.’’

According to the late girl’s mother, the suspect, who hails from Darfur, lured her daughter while she was away, raped her and killed her afterwards. She further alleged that the suspect tried to dump the body of the girl in a pit latrine in an attempt to conceal the evidence.

The incident triggered social media condemnation and subsequent tension in Aweil, where youth nearly turned violent against the Sudanese businessmen. On May 5, the State Minister of Information and Communication, William Anyuon Kuol, warned the youth against attacking Sudanese traders.

“Angry teenagers rioted and attempted to target Sudanese businesspeople in the market following the unfortunate, disappointing, and upsetting news,’’ Kuol said, adding that the ‘‘security officers immediately controlled the situation and brought it under control.’’