Cirilo hard-hit after over 500 members leave camp

Cirilo hard-hit after over 500 members leave camp

An estimated 500 armed forces of the National Salvation Front (NAS) loyal to Gen Thomas Cirilo defected to the government.

Speaking to The City Review on Wednesday, the spokesperson of the National Security Service, David Kumuri, said the group, headed by Maj. Gen. Emmanuel Yanniwa, included two brigadier generals and a colonel who arrived from Mundri East headquarters in Western Equatoria State to join the government and be part of the transition.

“The group has left a number of its armed forces in the process of being integrated into the organised forces. And these are stationed at Mundri West and Rokon areas,” Kumuri said.

“Any other person who is part of these groups and is unaware of these developments is required to report to these areas to join for integration and avoid being left behind.”

According to David Kumuri, Greater Mundri has been the nucleus of rebel forces, but there is a need to intensify anti-violence and ensure the inclusive participation of all forces in the R-TGONU in order to achieve lasting peace and security countrywide.

The national security service applauded the commitment exhibited by the former contingent of NAS forces in Mundri for heeding the national call for countrywide peace.

“I call out other groups who have not yet agreed to follow in the footsteps of the Mundri faction for peace in the context of one country”.

The spokesperson further said that even though the number of the forces is estimated to be more than 500, they are yet to assemble the forces.

Kumuri refuted the claims by the NAS that it had burned a number of SSPDF vehicles and killed 13 soldiers.

On Tuesday, the National Salvation Front (NAS) claimed that its intelligence wing under Mundri Area Command detected activities and movements of the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF), National Security, and “some war brokers planning to infiltrate the ranks and files of NAS forces in Mundri Area Command”, with the intention of causing confusion and defections of the forces in the area.

But Kumuri rubbished the claims and described them as desperate ones since those who just defected cannot be commanded.

“NAS just wants to counter the defection of these big forces joining the government since the major general who defected is a potential (threat) to them and he is the one controlling the area,” he stated.