Church pushes for revival of 2012 Jonglei Peace Conference

Church pushes for revival of 2012 Jonglei Peace Conference
The government officials and the delegation from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, headed by Archbishop Elias Taban. [Bol Mayar, City Review]

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church has called for the revival of the 2012 Jonglei Peace Conference.

The cleric led by Archbishop Elias Taban and Ambassador Antipas Nyok Kucha, the acting governor of Jonglei State has called for speedy implementation of Jonglei peace conference.

“We have shared valuable information about the project which was envisioned in 2012 in Yei River County. The meeting was about the introduction of a modern way of keeping cattle and Jonglei peace conference to the people of South Sudan starting with people in Jonglei State, especially to Greater Jonglei state,” he said.

If implemented, the peace accord is expected to end perennial cattle raids and child abduction between communities.

The peace initiative would allow the people to benefit from the cattle as the traditional way of keeping the animals has proven difficult during the dry season.

To end long-term suffering of the Jonglei against cattle raids and child abduction as well to mitigate the conflict between the people of Jonglei and the GPAA, expert advise on the need to introduce modern grazing methods in the affected areas.

“We believe the with a diplomatic mission in South Sudan with UN Agents and other donor agents we are going to tap their doors, we want to bring this historical conflict to an end and we believe as the faith-based group will be achieved and we believe that if we join our hand together with the government of Jonglei State,” noted Taban.

The consultative meeting aims to implement the four resolutions of the July 2012 Jonglei Peace Conference which were not implemented due to conflict in the country in 2012 and 2016.