Chagor promises to combat crime in Greater Jonglei

Chagor promises to combat crime in Greater Jonglei

The governor of Jonglei State, Denay Chagor, vowed an onslaught against criminals whom he said have been destabilising the state’s peace.

Speaking during a peace festival to reduce the cycle of violence and end women and child abduction across the Greater Jonglei and Greater Pibor Administrative Areas, Chagor said the government must combat crime in the state, and he will do it relentlessly.

“Somebody who is a criminal is always everywhere. Whenever it happens, we will always be there to hunt them down,” he said.

“So, if you are a criminal, we will come for you; if you are making peace, we will make peace; we will be your peace partner,” Chagor warned.

He encouraged the communities in the nine counties in the state to embrace peace rather than violence.

“I want  to say, let us keep making peace, and I always want you to take this; whether we want it or not, peace must be kept in Jonglei.”

He said the people of Jonglei State are tired of conflict and are ready to end the inter-communal killings.

“The days of our suffering and the days of our divisions [are over],” Chagor said.

“The days we used to kill ourselves for something coming from somewhere else are over; this is the time people are to look after their own lives.”

Governor Chagor further said the country needs Jonglei State to lead the peace campaign.

However, he cautioned that doing that would not be a one-day event. It will be a work in progress that must be done over time. The peace festival was organized by UNHCR.