Chagor, Lokoli want forces deployed to deal with Jonglei- GPAA conflicts

Chagor, Lokoli want forces deployed to deal with Jonglei- GPAA conflicts
Governor Denay Chagor and Lokoli Ame, Speaking during the third day of the governors’ forum 30, November, 2023. [Matik Kueth, The City Review]

The Governor of Jonglei State, Denay Chagor and the Chief Administrator of Greater Pibor Administrative Area, Lokoli Ame, suggested the idea of deploying unified forces in the border of their respective locations to stabilize security and to avert rampant abduction of children.

The duo made this suggestion on the third day of the governors’ forum held at Freedom Hall in Juba on Thursday.

Chagor noted that ethnic tensions keep fueling conflict among the neighbouring communities in Jonglei and GPAA.

“The intercommunal conflicts and cultural difference have fueled tensions that is why there is a need to deploy unified forces to monitor the security in the border,” Chagor said.

Lokoli Ame echoed Chagor’s sentiments, saying that without deploying forces in the borders, communal conflict will not be halted between Jonglei and GPAA.

“There is a need for the deployment of the unified forces. Without the deployment of the forces in the border of GPA and Jonglei, we will not stop this community violence between Greater Pibor and Jonglei,” Ame said.

He noted that most youth from GPAA opted to stay in cattle camps because there are no schools in the area.

“We complained about the issue of child abduction and cattle raiding but there is no any educated man and ladies to avoid child abduction and cattle raiding because they are not educated.  Most of our youths stay in cattle camps without services to reach them surviving with their own guns,” he stated.

“There is need to open schools and vocational training centers in Greater Pibor Administrative area to minimize the problem of child abduction,” he added.

He revealed that the GPAA and Jonglei State have so far exchanged 165 abductees, in which Governor Chagor handed over 140 women abducted by the white army from Lou Nuer to the GPAA.

Last month, the two leaders appeared before the National Assembly where they answered queries on the state of security in the two areas.

In his presentation, Chagor lamented that the level of organized crime had hit alarming levels as criminals took advantage of lack of courts to try suspects and the poor road networks which hampers efforts by law enforcers to respond to situations.

“The government of Jonglei State had recovered two abductees to GPAA while the authority of GPAA had recovered 11 abductees and returned them to Jonglei State,” Chagor told the parliament.

Mr Ame called on the national government up its level of security surveillance in the two areas arguing that gun ownership by the civilians was equally a bigger challenge.

“We need the national government to deploy graduated unified forces to halt insecurity along the buffer zones area,” he said.

“We need government and international agencies to provide development in the areas by constructing roads, providing adequate services like constructions of schools and health facilities and modernization of agriculture to improve the livelihood of the youth,” Lokoli urged.