Chagor, Amee urged to step up and deal with border insecurity

Chagor, Amee urged to step up and deal with border insecurity
The Governor of Jonglei State Denay Jock Chagor. [Photo: Courtesy]

A section of members of parliament at the national assembly faulted the governor of Jonglei State, Denay Chagor, and the Chief Administrator of the Pibor Administrative Area, Lokoli Amee, for failing to contain the border clashes.

Bol Joseph Agau of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance stated in a Monday interview with The City Review that it is regrettable that the two administrations have failed to coordinate with one another to control security across their borders.

 “You fought until you had an administrative area, but still you could not control your people,” he said. Agau argued that it was needless to give Pibor autonomy if the leadership cannot contain the insecurity, which is characterised by cattle raids and other crimes committed in other states.

  “You cannot claim a land that you want to rule when you are not controlling your people.” “Why do I have GPAA?” he posed. Agau argued that the area needs to be taken back to the leadership of Jonglei State if the area leadership is overwhelmed.

He then criticised Governor Chagor for failing to address the thorny insecurity issues in Jonglei State, arguing that the governor is not touch with the people.

“He does not raise this with the central government, not even to know where his challenges are. “People want to live in denial, refusing to accept reality,” he said.

” Why would we have a governor in Jonglei State who does not control his people; people don’t listen to [him]?”

According to him, the political conflict between 2013 and 2016 has assumed a new form and has spread to local communities through cattle raids and intercommunal ones like those between communities in Jonglei and the GPAA.

“If they have failed and do not understand their work, we must substitute them.””There are a lot of leaders in this country, even within SSOA, Denay Chagor is not the only leader within who can manage a state,” said the lawmaker.

Juma Zachariah Deng, who represents Jur River County, said the government in Pibor and Jonglei should have held those responsible for the clashes accountable to prevent further clashes.

Deng urged the Juba-based central administration to track down individuals responsible for the nation’s general insecurity.

“I am certain that the Governor and all government officials in Jonglei State were aware of the movement of youth from Jonglei to Greater Pibor. “They were keeping silent.”

He claimed that some powerful politicians could be supplying weapons to arm the youth.

“There are some people here within the government in Juba playing this game because when people are fighting among themselves, they will not think about services,” he alleged.

Bordering areas of Jonglei State and the Greater Pibor Administrative Area have seen on-and-off clashes, which are typically triggered by cattle raids and kidnappings. In most cases, whenever raids happen, the administrations of the two areas play down the attacks and feign ignorance about the perpetrators of the violence. The recent attack took place in Gumuruk County where thousands were displaced.