Youth chair, secretary suspended

Youth chair, secretary suspended
Rita Domnic Jada, the CES Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports. [Photo: Courtesy]

Central Equatoria State Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports has suspended the Chairperson and Secretary-General of Youth Union.

Charles Lado Daniel, the chairperson and James Sekwal Enosa, the Union’s SG, were indefinitely suspended by Rita Dominic Jada in a letter dated May 30, 2022.

The Minister did not give any reason for her decision to suspend the two.

The minister appointed a Deputy Chairperson, to serve as the acting chairperson of Central Equatoria State Youth Union.

β€œIn exercise of the power conferred upon me in article 10(1) of the Transitional Constitution of Central Equatoria State 2008 as amended in 2011 and order of the Republican Decree No: 082022 read together with Article (7) of youth and sports commission with the call of the chairperson of the youth commission to further reorganize Central Equatoria State Youth Union,” read the statement.

β€œI, Rita Domnic Jada, the State Minister of Culture, Youth and sports, do hereby issue this ministerial order No: 01/2022 for the indefinite suspension of Charles Lado Daniel as the Chairperson of Central Equatoria State Youth Union and Mr James Sekwal Enosa as the Secretary-General, Central Equatoria State Youth Union.”

Charles Lado Daniel and James Sekwal Enosa were elected last year in the ECS Youth Union general election, during a three-day youth convention in Juba.

Over 80 youth delegates from Central Equatoria State’s six counties voted overwhelmingly for Lodu to entrance his opponent Kunyu Benjamin Mono.