CES forms committee to enforce herders’ evacuation

CES forms committee to enforce herders’ evacuation
The Central Equatoria State Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Wayi Godwill Edward, briefs the media after their cabinet meeting in Juba. [Photo: Governor’s office]

The Central Equatoria State (CES) government has formed four different committees to address the various issues facing the state, including the compulsory evacuation of cattle to their place of origin and other issues.

This came up during a cabinet meeting on Thursday at the state Secretariat in Juba. The meeting was chaired by the Governor of Central Equatoria State, Emmanuel Adil Anthony.

The governor announced four committees to look into and handle the difficulties affecting the state, according to a letter received by The City Review and signed by the CES Cabinet Minister, Wayi Godwill Edward.

According to Edward, state advisers, ministers, and chairpersons of independent commissions, commissioners general, state members of parliament, and technocrats were among the members of the committee.

Governor Adil then instructed the group to visit several Central Equatoria State counties, including Wondurubo Administrative Payam, to distribute peace messages.

The committees are tasked with propagating peace messages, reinforcing the compulsory evacuation of marauding livestock herders to their origin areas, stopping illegal logging, and resolving other significant concerns plaguing our communities, according to the Cabinet minister.

Following the sad events of the attack on agricultural villages by armed cattle herders who refused with contempt the Republican and Gubernatorial Orders for a peaceful return to their areas of origin, the Governor temporarily suspended the State Council of Ministers’ Sittings.

According to Edward, Governor Adil directed all the county commissioners and members of the respective communities to cooperate with the formed committee to help them accomplish the job.

The resolutions of the Expanded Cabinet meeting then directed us to start the work immediately according to the letter.