CES cabinet passes 16bn budget

CES cabinet passes 16bn budget
Photo: CES Gubernatorial Press

The cabinet of Central Equatoria State passed a SSP16 billion budget for the fiscal year 2022/2023 after a presentation by the state minister for finance, planning, and investment, Wani Tom Sebit.

The budget will be tabled before the state legislative assembly for further deliberations and approval.

Andruga Mabe Severino, the state government spokesperson, said, “This budget includes the revenues that will be generated from both State revenues and National grants”.

According to the state minister for finance, Tom Sebit, the budget will be spread to cater to peace and security stabilisation, social service delivery, economic recovery, good neighborliness, return and reintegration, and keeping Juba City Clean.

“The budget is expected to deliver the six strategic directions of the State Government as namely, peace and security stabilization, social service delivery, the revival of the economy, good neighborliness, return and reintegration, and as well as keeping Juba City Clean, green and safe,” Wani stated.

Early in August, the governor of Central Equatoria State, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, directed members of the parliamentary caucus to join hands to address issues crippling developmental strategies in the state.

“Governor Adil commended the caucus for their timely visit and encouraged them as parliamentarians to work collectively in addressing and presenting common issues of their people and assured them of his government’s sustained efforts towards closely working with the legislators from the various Houses in finding some amicable solutions to the persistent issues confronting the State,” the statement read.

The Spokesperson of the caucus and the Chairperson of the State Transitional Legislative Assembly Committee on Peace and Security, Isaac Aloro Lomodi, said they discussed with the governor the widening of roads to ease the mobility of people and goods.

Last week before the meeting with the caucus, Adil promised support for the disaster risk management bill that will address issues related to natural and man-made calamities across the country.