CES basketball teams to resume games with prize money up for grabs

CES basketball teams to resume games with prize money up for grabs

The Central Equartoria State Basketball Association (CESBA) has announced the resumption of the 2021–2022 basketball playoff competition with SSP 1.8 million up for grabs by the would-be winners.

CESBA President Khalid Moral said the prize money will be divided among the top three teams.

“The champions are expected to pocket SSP 800, and the second place will get SSP 600, while the third place will get at least SSP 400,” the president stated.

The CESBA playoff games are expected to resume on October 28, 2022, as eight teams will lock horns with each other to determine who could enter into the finals of the tournament.

The organizers have announced that the competition will only last two weeks and that it will be played twice a week.

The competing teams are the reigning champions, Cobra Sports BC, Warriors BC, Nimra Talata BC, Black Stars BC, Nationals BC, Al Hilal BC, Citizen BC, and Gudele Untied BC.

Cobra Sports will play the Warriors in the first game on October 28, 2022, at 4 p.m., and Nimra Talata will play the Black Stars in the second game to cap off each day.

The next day, which is October 29th, 2022, will see another two games. The Nationals basketball team will play against Al Hilal, and the last game of the day will be between the Citizen and Gudele United basketball teams.

The competition will have three rounds, which will determine the winners.