CES bans heavy trucks from entering Juba during working hours

CES bans heavy trucks from entering Juba during working hours
The Director of the Traffic Police of Central Equatoria State Maj Gen Zacharia speaks to the media. [Jenifer James, The City Review]

Central Equatoria State plans to enforce the order banning the entry of heavy trucks into the city during working hours.

Speaking to The City Review yesterday, the state Director of traffic police, Maj. Gen. Zachariah Michael said the order was imposed in 2013 to decongest traffic jams in the city but has not been implemented.

He said they have realised the truck drivers have not been following the directives and orders and are causing unnecessary jams on the Juba Bridge and other parts of the city.

“The order was first implemented in 2013, but these days drivers are not following it.” We decided to renew the orders banning the movement of the big trucks from entering the state in the daytime,” Zachariah said.

According to Zachariah, the big trucks that are proceeding to the other states will be allowed to proceed, but the trucks that are coming to Juba will start entering at 6 p.m. in the evening.

“Any truck driver who violates the traffic orders in the Central Equatoria State is likely to pay a fine based on the nature of the violation that he or she commits,” Maj. Gen. Zachariah said.