CES bans ground slaughter of animals

CES bans ground slaughter of animals

The Central Equatoria Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries Alex Lotiyu issued a ministerial order on Monday temporarily shutting down makeshift slaughter houses in Juba City Council and its surrounding.

This comes after the state realised that several butchers have been slaughtering animals on the ground in improper shelters.

Lotiyu ordered the closure of all the illegal slaughter houses except Gudele (II) Central Slaughter House in order to safeguard the health of citizens of Juba from the supply of unsafe meat from dirty slaughter facilities.

Earlier this month, the minister said despite South Sudan being a largely cattle-keeping community with widespread consumption of beef, there are still no standard abattoirs.

“I am going to issue the ministerial order to ban all the illegal slaughtering of cattle on grounds, and anyone caught doing that will face the law,” he warned.  

However, the chairperson of the Butcher Association, Peter Lado, said butchers are facing many challenges in the state, most of which are compounded by the lack of standard abattoirs.

“More than 100 butchers normally slaughter the cattle in illegal places such as New Site, Jebel, Checkpoint, and Gumbo, among others. We need the government to close down those places,” said Lado.

The Deputy Governor of Central Equatoria State, Sarah Nene, also directed the state ministry of animal resources to seriously inspect the slaughtering areas to control the transmission of diseases from animals to humans.

Sarah noted that several people have been contracting diseases such as brucellosis due to a lack of inspection of the cattle being slaughtered in Juba.

According to her, the new slaughterhouse will now save thousands of lives in the city.