CEPO asks governors to find solutions to floods

CEPO asks governors to find solutions to floods
The office of the Ministry of Animals, Resources, Fisheries and Tourism in Unity State submerged in water in Bentiu Town (Sheila Ponnie/The City Review)

The Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation (CEPO), Edmund Yakani, is calling on the governors and chief administrators to come up with strong resolutions to tackle the floods threatening human lives and property across the country.

In a statement extended to The City Review, Yakani said the floods have been threatening human lives, although the leaders have turned deaf ears.

“The recent cases of floods in some parts of Bor, Yei, Yirol, Juba, and Abyei require urgent action from the leadership of the country,” Yakani said.

The activist added that the country is witnessing cases of displacement of over 500 households, where reasonable farms are destroyed and livestock is at risk.

He said there is a higher chance of an increase in water-borne diseases in the communities affected by the floods, yet the leaders are silent.

“All these threats, we have not heard statements from leaders and acts of solidarity from the leaders towards our affected communities by the floods. This is disturbing and stressful,” Yakani lamented.

He said that climate change shocks, especially floods, are real in South Sudan and require a long-term national strategy for genuine intervention to save human lives and property.

According to him, the 7th Governors Forum going on needs to find solutions to the protracted floods.

“The government at various levels should undertake decisions of making public budgets climate change responsive because climate change shocks are now in some parts of the country, mainly floods and drought.” 

“Our lawmakers are really required to be proactive action on matters of climate change shocks and other negative implications like triggering insecurity among our communities due to competition over the use of natural resources,” Yakani stated.