Canadian ambassador implores students to engage in peace building

Canadian ambassador implores students to engage in peace building

The Canadian Ambassador to South Sudan, Aly-Khan, has encouraged the students to take an active role in societal rebuilding.

He stated that the country cannot truly achieve long-term peace if the next generation is not peaceful for themselves.

The envoy made the call during his one-day visit to the Luol Deng Foundation Sports, Diplomacy, and Peace class at the University of Juba on Wednesday.

“I learned from some of you today about mental health and other issues that affect everybody. Sometimes we used to think it was not my problem; it was other people.”

“The stigma associated with mental health and being forthcoming acknowledges that sometimes we need to deal with our own issues first. I have also learned today that we cannot really effectively engage in building peace if we are not peaceful for ourselves,” he said.

His visit was to familiarise himself with the work and what the kids were learning, as well as to hear what was going on and what the sessions were about.

“I was a student leader in my student union in Canada from a very young age.” What I truly learnt is that if you come with a message, something you believe in, and something that everyone values, you will lead and people will follow.”

Amb Aly-Khan stressed that it makes no difference where one comes from and what language one speak, or how the person appear.

Aly-Khan stated that he learned the same thing from his birthplace, Canada.

He discussed his youth experience, recalling what he learnt during his student leadership, particularly talking about ideals, putting them into action, and leading by example.

“It was the best thing that happened to me because I got to grow up in a place that celebrates multiculturalism and diversities.”

“As a country, we say they are so important to all of us, and then we have to live them, have to act them out; we can’t just say it; we have to show it in action in what we do every day,” the diplomat added.

He encouraged the pupils to be effective leaders. “You don’t need a title; you don’t need a salary; you just need to have perseverance and passion.”

The Ambassador is confident that you will succeed, so I wish you the best of luck. I wish you tremendous success, and please keep in mind that your country’s destiny is in your hands.