Women call on government to address economic crisis

Women call on government to address economic crisis

A group of women from Western Equatoria State have raised concern over the skyrocketing prices of goods.

Mary Peter Pio, chairwoman of the Women’s Union, said the economic hardship in the state is biting hard, adding that most families cannot afford even one meal a day.

“I am appealing to the national government to tackle the dollar issue.”  She told the City Review. “People are dying of hunger.”

The inflation has hit the country hard that a bar of washing soap, which used to retail below SSP 500 a few months ago, is now retailing at SSP 1,200 in Yambio, for example.

“It is really difficult for women to survive.”

“Some families can go for months without eating a proper meal because of the high prices of basic commodities,” she said.

The dollar has gained against the local currency, with one dollar now retailing at SSP 1,000 in the black market.

The situation in Yambio is exacerbated by the presence of members of the Ambororo nomadic community, who are terrorizing the area. Receive

“If a woman goes there with children, they can be killed, it is not good. Those are the issues causing hunger in South Sudan because it can’t allow people to go and cultivate,” Mary said.

She appealed to the national government to address the issue and allow the herds to go back to their place of origin.