Cabinet extends mandate of Judiciary Reform Committee

Cabinet extends mandate of Judiciary Reform Committee

The Council of Ministers extended the mandate of the Judicial Reform Committee (JRC) for two months to enable the committee to complete the pending tasks.

The move came after the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Ruben Madol, made a presentation on the term of the committee last Friday.

The Ad Hoc Judicial Reform Committee (JRC) was formed on July 28, 2022, and tasked with reviewing relevant laws, advising on judicial reforms, and restructuring the judiciary to enhance its effectiveness in South Sudan.

Addressing the media after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Information and Government Spokesperson Michael Makuei stated that Madol requested the cabinet extend the time frame of the Judiciary Reform Committee.

“After the cabinet listened to the presentation from the Minister of Justice requesting the cabinet to extend the time frame of the Judicial Review Committee, it was approved,” he said.

“The time frame was extended for another two months so that they (the committee) can complete their task within that period and make the necessary presentation to the government.”

Last month, the committee met with civil society, communities, and government officials to get their views on the kind of judiciary reform needed for the people of South Sudan.

The chairperson of the Judicial Reform Committee, James Ogola, touted judiciary reform as one of the important sectors that will fix things in South Sudan.

“The work of this committee is to look at the judiciary that existed here and has existed for so many years and see if there are things that are not working, and if there are, we fix them, and to do that, we used the professional understanding of the judiciary,” he said at the time.

According to him, after all the consultative meetings, the committee will write the report with analysis and recommendations, and submit the report to the government.

According to the R-ARCSS, the JRC was expected to have concluded its work and make recommendations to the RTGoNU by January 27, 2022. However, due to logistical challenges, it was clear by the end of December 2022 that the timeline would become unachievable.

It was far from completing the implementation of its mandate, including completion of the review of the Judiciary Act 2008, reconstitution of the Judicial Service Commission and establishment of an independent, impartial and credible Constitutional Court.