Cabinet commences 2023 with focus on roadmap and workplace safety

Cabinet commences 2023 with focus on roadmap and workplace safety
President Salva Kiir chairs a Council of Ministers meeting in Juba. The meeting takes place every Friday pf the week and has lately revolved around the implementation of the roadmap and other tasks. [Photo: courtesy]

The cabinet opened the year with the roadmap and the professional safety and health policy at the workplace, which formed the major topics of discussion yesterday.

According to the government spokesperson, Michael Makuei, who briefed the media after the council of ministers’ meeting, the minister of cabinet affairs, Dr Elia Lomuro, briefed the cabinet on the specific roles of the ministries in implementing the roadmap for the revitalised peace deal.

“He appealed to the ministers, requesting that they each determine where their ministry falls on the roadmap and begin carrying out the responsibilities that come with it. “It was a general briefing to the ministers, and it was appreciated and also passed,” said Makuei.

The roadmap has more than 30 elements that are yet to be fully implemented but should have been completed by December last year.

Among the provisions are the deployment of the first phase of the unified forces, the recruitment, screening, and training of the second phase of the forces, the reconstitution and establishment of institutions for the permanent constitution-writing process, among others.

In a separate development, Makuei stated that James Hoth Mai, the minister of labour, had also given the cabinet a professional safety and health policy, which he described as a crucial document that outlines guidelines for the creation of a healthy environment for those who work in both the private and public sectors.

 “We did not have this policy before, so he presented it, and it was adopted by the cabinet and passed to the next level, which is the Transitional National Legislative Assembly, for consideration.”

“These are the safety precautions that are usually required in any project that is being implemented,” Makuei added.

A health and safety policy is a written declaration by an employer outlining the organization’s commitment to the protection of employees’ health and safety. It is an endorsed commitment by management to its employees regarding their health and safety.

A health and safety program includes the organization’s health and safety components as well as objectives that help the organization fulfill its aim of safeguarding employees while at work.

Professional health and safety standards specify the minimum requirements for a health and safety program. The rule’s requirements may not all be applicable to every workplace. Each employer conducts their own risk assessment to determine what hazards exist at work.

The aim of having the document is to demonstrate management’s full commitment to their employee’s health and safety. It is also to show the employees that safety performance and business performance are compatible, and it aims to clearly outline employer and employee accountability and responsibility for workplace health and safety.