Bureau of Statistics plans for 2024 household survey

Bureau of Statistics plans for 2024 household survey
The Chairperson of South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics, Isiah Chol. [Matik Kueth, The City Review]

The Chairperson of the South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics (SSNBS), Isiah Chol, said there are plans to conduct a household budget survey in 2024.

Chol, who spoke during the African Statistics Day (ASD) celebration in Juba on Wednesday, noted that the household survey project will focus on getting data on insolvency in South Sudan.

“With the financial and technical support from the UNDP, the NBS is preparing to conduct the household budget survey in 2024, aimed at generating mainly poverty estimates for the country,” Chol said.

“The UNDP, Oxford University, and the NBS are preparing to undertake the multidimensional poverty survey (MP) to provide social and economic indicators for South Sudan. UNICEF and the NBS are planning to undertake a multi-indicator cluster survey (MICS). These surveys are aimed at filling the existing data gaps,” he explained.

However, he urged the government policymakers to focus on undertaking decisions on statistics to provide a national statistics setup.

“I would like to appeal to policymakers and decision-makers at various government levels to base their decisions on statistics and to give the National Statistics System more attention and support,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, UNDP country representative Samuel Doe said communities can participate in moulding policies if they are provided with reliable data.

“Statistics empowers citizens by giving them a voice in decision-making processes in a country like South Sudan, where community engagement is crucial for sustainable development goals. Statistics becomes a tool for fostering transparency and accountability,” he emphasised.

“If communities are fed with reliable information, they can actively participate in shaping policies, address their unique needs, and continue the overall progress of this young republic,” Doe stated.

He said the UNDP is committed to working hand in hand with NBS and other development partners to ensure there is progress in South Sudan’s data collection.

“South Sudan’s journey towards sustainable development demands our solid dedication to finding our statistics. It is not about numbers; it is about transforming data into action, into policies, progress and aspiration with tangible outcomes in the lives of the people of South Sudan,” he stressed.

“UNDP remains steadfast in its commitment to work closely with NBS, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNWOMEN, and many others that invest in statistics,” he stated.

The African Statistics Day (ASD) was adopted in May 1990 at the UNECA conference of African Ministers to help in planning and economic development. It is an annual event, that is celebrated on November 18 to promote understanding of the importance of statistics in all dimensions of life, including society, the economy, and the environment.

The theme of this day is modernizing data ecosystems to accelerate the implementation of the African continental free trade area. The role of official statistics in economic transformation and sustainable development of Africa.