Bring Pagan, Cirilo home: Aleu tells government

Bring Pagan, Cirilo home: Aleu tells government

SPLA veteran and former governor of Warrap State, Aleu Ayieny, called on the government to bring all holdout groups back to Juba including Thomas Cirilo who rejected the talks in Nairobi.

Addressing SPLA veterans in Juba during the SPLA Day event organised, Aleu argued that the problem in South Sudan is a lack of peace, which the government needs to seek through an inclusive approach.

The former governor called on the government delegation which, includes the Spokesperson of the Government, Michael Makuei, to take the dialogue seriously.

“Please, Makuei Lueth I know you are intelligent, but sometimes… For peace this time, we are giving you this assignment: please do not leave Pagan Amum, Thomas Cirilo, or any other person in the bush; bring them here (Juba),” Aleu said.

He added that the country continues to be in crisis due to conflict and misunderstanding among the politicians. 

“What do we want? We are like this because there is no peace, so let us pray,” he said. 

Aleu advised those assigned by the SPLM in government to take the assignment seriously. 

“I want to tell them that the assignment the president has given you so that you can meet your colleagues is a very important decision,” he said.

“It is three of you (Michael Makuei, Rebecca Joshua, and George) who can make that happen because you are SPLA,” he added.

He appreciated South Sudanese for always standing with the SPLA/SPLM amidst various challenges.

“Half or more of the South Sudanese are with empty stomachs, and they are celebrating today, including you,” he said. 

While other SSOMA groups are negotiating with the government in Nairobi, some of the influential leaders have refused to be part of it, citing many reasons, including a lack of trust in the venue and agenda.

Emmanuel Ajawin, the leader of the opposition National Democratic Movement-Patriotic Front (NDM-PF), told the media that three members of the holdout group are not participating in the upcoming peace talks in Nairobi, arguing that some of the concerns they had raised with the mediation team have not been addressed.

“I want to inform the public that these are only two movements that will participate in the talks, Real-SPLM and SSUF/A, and not all members of the opposition umbrella South Sudan Opposition Movements Alliance (SSOMA). NAS leader Gen. Thomas Cirillo, Dr. Alex, and I are not part of the Nairobi talks. So, I would like to make it clear,” Ajawin said.