Bring it on: Bor community dares Governor Lobong

Bring it on: Bor community dares Governor Lobong
Eastern Equatoria State Governor, Louis Lobong refutes corruption allegation by The Sentry at a press conference in Juba in 2020. [Photo: The City Review]

Community leader from Bor, Dr Angok Gordon, has dared the Eastern Equatoria State Governor, Louis Lobong Lojore, to proceed with a legal suit threat.

the former had had threatened to seek justice in the corridors of power accusing the former of defamation. 

Lobong had threatened to drag the Bor Community leader to the court over his May 14 remarks where he claimed that the recent attacks that left dozens of civilians dead were facilitated by the state government.

“These numerous attacks are carried out by the youths organized and facilitated by the government of Eastern Equatoria. The youths in the area heavily armed to raid and kill innocent civilians even though those civilians have started leaving the areas in response to the demand of indigenous community of the state,” Bor Community alleged in a statement dated May 14.

Vows suit

 The governor, in equated these remarks to incitement adding warning that it might fuel further conflict between teh two communities. “This has made some of the people believe that it was true, especially those whose cattle were raided. This allegation had caused a lot of anger among our people here in Eastern Equatoria, including government officials. 

“This can cause a lot of security concerns and spoil the name of the Eastern Equatoria State. The Bor Community leader should prove these allegations or go to court so that we can be [heard in] court. If he does not do this, our government will also seek other means to clear its reputation,” Lobong was quoted by Radio Tamazuj last Friday.

In response to the allegation, Dr Angok told The City Review on phone that he was ready for Governor Lobong’s suit if he made the move.

“I am hearing from the media [that] he (Lobong) and Members of Parliament that they want to sue me that I have accused them that they facilitated what is happening in Eastern Equatoria,” Dr Angok said “Well, if they say that they are going to pursue me, I will not talk to the media I will wait because I have to keep my card close to my chest.

“We know that there are a lot of violations when people take oaths of office [and they include] protecting the constitution of the country, whether you are in the army, in parliament or whatever constitutional post you are holding.” But I question some of the ways the constitution is being handled by these group of people. ”