Bor residents accuse prison warders of extortion

Bor residents accuse prison warders of extortion
The overview of Jonglei State Prison Service in Bor. The warders at the facility have been accused of extorting residents who turn up to visit loved ones. [Photo: Courtesy]

Bor Central Prison is facing backlash from the area residents for introducing charges for people gaining entry to visit their loved ones serving jail sentences.

Deng Elijah, one of the residents, claimed that prison officers collect between SSP 500 to SSP 1000 per person who visits the facility. 

Deng said they are disappointed with the charges as they prevented families from bonding with their jailed kins.

And for people like him, who cannot raise the money, gaining access to the facility remains but a dream.

“People go there and when they are asked to pay, they opt to go back without seeing their loved ones because they don’t have money,” he lamented.

“This could be the salary of a civil servant who is in Grade 14 or [an individual] if that person is working with the government in the organized force,” Deng explained.

He called on the state government to intervene and stop the ongoing extortion at the facility. 

“I want the state government at least to intervene to talk to the directorate of prison at the state level to stop them from collecting money from people who visit their loved ones in the prison.”

Brig. General Paul Anyuat, the director of administration at Bor Central Prison, dismissed the allegations saying the warders are doing their job professionally.

Anyuat said prison warders in Bor are professionals who cannot extort the poor residents.

“I am managing the administration for the headquarters and central prison and nothing is being done without my notice. It’s a lie against us. Visit our facility tomorrow to confirm whether it is true or not. It is false,” Gen Anyuat said.