Bor medical staff receive October incentives

Bor medical staff receive October incentives

The medical staff at Bor Hospital, Jonglei State, who have been on an on-and-off strike, have received their October incentives.

The State Minister for Health, Atong Kuol Manyang, confirmed on Tuesday that 227 Bor Hospital staff had pocketed their incentives after UNICEF paid them through Eco Bank.

Atong appreciated UNICEF for their swift response that met their previous set deadline for the payment.

“Great efforts [to you] UNICEF for completing the payment of the above-mentioned staff through Eco Bank before the November 26 deadline that you had promised,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“And also for timely payment of incentives for Bor South, Twic East, and Duk Counties Health Departments. [Paying] the November salary is still being discussed by the State Ministry of Health with UNICEF. “

In response to the issue of unpaid county health workers, Manyang said the ministry was working on the modalities to make sure the payment is made without discriminating against any county.

“I would like to address a general concern by those who are inquiring why the issue of the former defunct Jonglei was addressed and not the rest. For your information, the Jonglei State Ministry of Health is for the whole state and is responsible for all its counties, ” Atong explained.

“Therefore, it will ensure that no county is neglected or left out. The ministry, together with UNICEF, is exerting more efforts to ensure that not only are all incentives paid but [this] has to be done regularly.”

The promise

The state hospital had faced two incidences of shutdowns by staff after their incentives were not paid when Medicos Del Mundo (MDM) exited with no assurance of a new sponsor.

There were complaints about the September and October arrears as well as the shortage of drugs. The staff said this caused them to blame and insult patients who claimed their doctors were the ones selling the drugs.

The MDM later paid September incentives, which caused the doctors to go on strike to demand October’s arrears, but the strike lasted for one week before it was called off.

Bor Hospital medics resumed operations last week after the officials from the State Ministry of Health gave them a promise that they would settle the October incentives in a week.

This was after they had shut down the hospital, discharging patients following an unwillingness to repay money for the fuel, which was bought to save the lives of two children who needed oxygen at the emergency department.

Last week, the State Minister of Health, Atong Kuol Manyang, said it was the right of the health workers to be paid but blamed them for deciding to go on strike without consulting the ministry before their action.