Bor College students confront police over school ownership

Bor College students confront police over school ownership
The Bor College holding sticks to confront the police after Bor County ruling awarding the ownership of the school to three shareholders [Courtesy]

​Students of Bor College High School have been roped into the leadership wrangle at the institution as four directors, three on one side battle for control of the school.

Angry students confronted the police with crude weapons, sticks and stones as they joined other directors engraved in ownership tussle.

The push and pull came after Bor County Court awarded the ownership of the school to Abraham Atem, Panther Akuei and Stephen Akuak, the three directors who want Mabior Atem Mabior out of the list of shareholders.

On May 5, 2022, Daniel Deng Akoy the Bor County Court Judge ruled that the trio were the owners after a successful appeal at the Upper Nile Court.

On Thursday, the police were once again at the premise, this time to deliver a copy of the ruling to the administration of the school.

They were, however, confronted by hungry students who pelted them with stones, and sticks as they protect the institution from an endless court battle.

Atem accused the three of using students to block the police from discharging their duties.

For his part, Paul Angeth Kurt the principal of Bor College blamed one of the shareholders for companying the police to the school.

He claimed that the court was yet to make a final verdict on the case.

“The administration told them [police] to go back because they were not holding any proper documents,” he said,” said the principal.

“We informed them that if they want to come to the school as the board members, they should come along with other shareholders because the school belongs to five shareholders according to the letter of the incorporation,” Angeth explained.

He urged the shareholders to address their differences amicably without interrupting the activities of the school.

The fracas caused the forceful postponement of the assessment test that was pencilled for this week.

He claimed a contingent of police officers who were armed to the teeth, were later deployed at the school.