Bor College leadership summoned over eviction order

Bor College leadership summoned over eviction order
Close up of a hand writing on a piece of paper. [Photo: Courtesy]

The Director of Secondary Schools in the Jonglei State Ministry of Education summoned the Bor College leadership for failing to leave the premises despite being ordered to vacate.

Speaking to The City Review yesterday, Francis Mayen Deng said the ministry wants Bor College to evacuate the government premises as soon as possible.

Mayen said they have summoned the school administration to explain what delayed their relocation despite being served with notification weeks ago.

“We notified them to quit the school premises on the 30th of April. We have schools that don’t have land and, again, we have Malaak Secondary School and Makuach Training Institute to be on those premises and the training is to start by Monday, May 23,” Mayen said.

He stated that the school administration had been given four days, which were expected to elapse on May 22.

However, Mayen revealed that some teachers from the school tried to bribe him to convince the ministry to allow them to continue using the premises.

 “The envelope they gave me was very huge, and later I called the director of the account and we sat together with the acting director-general and opened the envelope, and we found that the envelope had over SSP 200,000,’’ he revealed.

 ‘‘We went to the legal administration office and… I presented the money in front of the legal administration and the teachers from Bor College,” Mayen said.

He said the money was given back to the teachers after they were warned against bribery

However, Angeth Kut, the acting principal of Bor College School, denied issuing bribes.

 “No, we have not braved any person,” he said as he pleaded for one month from the ministry as they seek an alternative. 

Mabior Atem Mabior, the managing director of the college, distanced himself from the allegation.

 “I didn’t attend that meeting with the ministry of education because we were terminated from Majok Mach Aluong and we agreed with the ministry that we were going to evacuate the school premises.”