Beauty: Over 30 South Sudanese to compete at African Super Model Compe

Beauty: Over 30 South Sudanese to compete at African Super Model Compe
These are a few of the South Sudanese models from Juba that have been chosen to compete in the African Next Super Model. [Photo: Courtesy]

Over three dozen budding South Sudanese models are expected to fly the country’s flag in the next African Supermodel competition.

Last month, the Chief Executive Officer of Isis Modelling Agency, Joan Okorodudu, and the CEO of Select Model, Matteo Puglisi, were in the country for a scouting exercise that aims to identify talents.

Francis Ngor Bol, a South Sudanese model scout, revealed that the exercise was successful as 30 home-based, talented models were chosen to compete in the upcoming September African Supermodel competition.

“The good news is that we were able to cast 30 brilliant South Sudanese models, and we are keeping an eye out for more incredible models to add to that number so that it at least reaches fifty,” the scout stated.

The 30 models will compete on the reality show Africa’s Next Top Model.

Twenty of the 30 chosen models are females, while 10 are South Sudanese men who are also models. According to Ngor, part of this group will join the Isis and Select model companies as permanent employees.

The models will use this month to get ready for the competition, which includes handling the travel paperwork.

Scout Ngor said the number of models would rise by more than 50 and that South Sudanese models based in Kenya and other East African regions would be added to the group.

Nyakuma Wicjock Wichngang Adhieu, Bakhita Nyanyal, Ayen Chol, Simon Makur Mabor, Lam Majuang Ruach, Atingg Deng, Shadia, Wilma Francis, Ajak Paul, Awit Lino, Anyir Malual, Hok Deng, and Thiong Ding are among the 30 people chosen.

The two CEOs oversaw the shooting at the Pyramid Hotel last month. The group completed the identical activity in Nairobi and is expected to complete a related one in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Matteo has collaborated with people like Akech, who was discovered in Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Even though she is from Nigeria, Okorodudu, a skilled stylist and graduate of Boston University, said she is seeking as many talents as she can to add to the increasing roster of elite models from South Sudan as well as all over the world that her agency manages.

Her agency – Isis Models boasts 15 years of experience.

Joan, popularly known as “Mama South Sudan,” has worked together with a number of prominent South Sudanese models, including Anyiel Majok, Diana Achan, and Akech.

“South Sudanese are beautiful people… I am here to get more of them to join their colleagues,” she said at her arrival at Juba International Airport. The former athlete-turned-fashion entrepreneur said they are looking for both boys and girls.