Ban plastic bags to protect environment, activist tells gov’t

Ban plastic bags to protect environment, activist tells gov’t

A civil society has told the government to come up with legislation to curb environmental pollution.

Bol Mayar Anai wants the government to ban plastic materials arguing that it is hazardous to the environment.

“The plastic materials cannot decompose in the soil,” said Mayar.

The activist called on the Bor municipal authorities to follow in the footsteps of Twic and enforce restrictions on the use of plastic bags.

“I am urging the state authorities, especially the office of the mayor and the parliamentarians, to set a law to ban and regulate the use of plastic material before it’s too late for any invention,” Mayar added.

He also urged the public to recycle plastic materials rather than dumping them and jeopardising soil fertility.

“It is our collective responsibility to take care of our environment. “So, let’s join hands in contribution toward a cleaner and more sustainable environment, which is much deserved by everyone,” Mayar stated.

“Plastic waste is an epidemic that affects every country; most countries around the world are fighting to eradicate plastic material issues,” he added.

“We should prioritise this haphazard dumping of plastic materials, and banning plastic would be a great place to start, and recycling should be passed down to future generations.”

According to the Geneva Environment Network (GEN), plastic pollution threatens not only the environment but also our health and that of our generation.

In Kenya for example, the law bans the use, manufacture and importation of all single-use plastic bags into the country.