Bakosoro persuades leaders to put extra attention on education

Bakosoro persuades leaders to put extra attention on education
Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro, Minister of Public Service (photo supplied)

The minister of public service and human resource development, Joseph Bakosoro, urged the country’s leaders not to give up on the country’s waning education system if the country is to pursue development.

Addressing the National Examination Council Committee for Higher Education on Wednesday in Juba, Bakosoro stated that education is a major catalyst for development that must not be abandoned.

“Our only big challenge as a country is that we overlook the institutions that are supposed to be taken seriously; our priorities are not the priorities of other countries.”

“The priority for the country to move forward should be education, but in our case it was the opposite; which we need to change for a better future,” he said.

He emphasised the importance of quality education, arguing it gives young people the knowledge and skills they need, as well as the opportunity to develop positive values and ideas.

Despite the fact that South Sudan faces significant challenges in providing quality and accessible basic education to children and adolescents, he believes that keeping hope alive is critical.

“Better education produces better citizens, and change or development in any country begins gradually, and we are so optimistic that with what the education sectors are doing now, the country will improve its education system steadily.”

South Sudan has been grappling with challenges in education, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the sector. Following the outbreak of the virus, the country had a dip in enrolment, particularly for girls, owing to the surging cases of early marriages and pregnancy. However, recently, the ministry of education and instructions posted an increase in the number of candidates who sat for the senior eight exams.