Bakosoro, Chagor brief President Kiir on Jonglei civil servants’ salaries

Bakosoro, Chagor brief President Kiir on Jonglei civil servants’ salaries

President Salva Kiir Mayardit yesterday summoned the national Minister for Public Services, Joseph Bakosoro, and Jonglei State Governor Denay Chagor, to his office for a briefing over the 100 per cent payment of salaries and allowances of civil servants in Jonglei State.

Apart from the intermittent ethnic violence that has been noted in the state, Chagor’s administration has been also rocked by mutiny especially from the workers who have shown disgruntlement over the remuneration. The head of state focused on solving the brewing conflict that threatens a shutdown of one of the country’s important states.

The meeting was attended by the Minister for Presidential Affairs Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin, the Minister for Information Michael Makuei Lueth, and the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Prof Julia Duany.

Bakosoro advised the citizens to denounce demonstrations.

“Bakosoro appealed to the public and people of Jonglei State to shun meaningless riots as their salaries have been increased to 100%,” read the statement from the office of the President.

Governor Chagor urged the civil servants and the citizens in the state to remain calm and be law-abiding.


Two days ago, the Workers Trade Union revealed that the governor of Jonglei State had promised to meet their requirements.

Samuel Majier in an earlier interview with the City Review said they were only waiting for the governor to fulfil his promise that he made after the Director of National Security connected them to converse on phone.

 “We are now waiting for our full payment from the ministry of finance. If they fail to pay us, we shall return to the Director of National Security (in the state) to tell us the way forward, ” he explained.

A civil rights activist in the state, who is also the Executive Director of Intrepid South Sudan, Bol Deng Bol, said the workers had the right to demand full salaries.

Bol added that the fear was when the salaries are paid without the allowances, which would force civil servants to return to the demonstration.

Call for demonstrations

Last week, the WTU announced peaceful demonstrations asking civil servants to demand their 100 per cent incentives.

The statement indicated that the salaries had been modified by the state government to suit their interests adding that they were being denied their civil rights.

“We reject the modified salary structure by the state government (as) we immediately lay down our tools,’’ the statement read in part.

 “These actions will go on until the state government sees the need to meet the 100 per cent increment of civil servants’ salaries in accordance with the new structure and the state Ministry of Public Service endorsement through the new payroll,” it further stated.

The acting governor of Jonglei State, Tuong Majok Deng, said the salaries were gross, and some taxes need to be deducted for the net salaries to be paid.

 “My concern as the acting governor of Jonglei state is that there are allowances which have not been in the system of Jonglei since 2005 called “nature allowances.” It is not there to be added to the salary, it was introduced by the new state government,” Tuong said.