Bakosoro calls for patience on new salaries harmonisation

Bakosoro calls for patience on new salaries harmonisation
Public Service and Human Resource Development Minister, Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro.

The Minister of Public Service and Human Resource Development, Joseph Bakosoro, has called on civil servants to remain calm as the government plans to restructure salaries to match the current market.

Bakosoro said the committee reviewing salaries was working “tirelessly” and would soon present it to the relevant authorities to ensure that the ‘‘rights of civil servants and organised forces are upheld.”

“We are working on it seriously to make sure that salaries are increased and paid… despite that, we have challenges with cash, but if we plan well, we can have the cash to pay civil servants and organised forces”, said Bakosoro.

Bakosoro was speaking in an exclusive interview with The City Review on Friday in Juba.

In September, the Council of Ministers passed a resolution referring the new salary structure for civil servants, the army, and other organised forces to the economic cluster to identify sources of revenue to fund the proposed SSP 6.58 billion supplementary budget for salaries.

According to the proposed new salary structure by the ministry of public service and human resources development, grade 17 – the lowest paid in the public service sector—would get SSP 70,569 per month while an ordinary soldier would get SSP 89,409 monthly.

Last month, lawmaker Juol Nhomngek at the national parliament questioned Speaker Jemma Nunu Kumba over the delay in reviewing civil servants’ and organised forces’ salaries.

Nhomngek wanted to know why it has taken the ministry of public service and human resource development so long to present the new salary structure for endorsement.

“We need this issue to be solved as soon as possible so that we can end insecurity,” Nhomngek said. “We must take this seriously. It is not a matter of compromise or anything. It is a matter of necessity to secure this country.”.

“We have promised that the supplementary budget will be tabled within this month when the salary scale or structure would have been made by the minister, but up to now, October is ending [with nothing]. “When are we going to address the needs of our people?” he asked.