Bahr el Ghazal University shut down over students’ protests

<strong>Bahr el Ghazal University shut down over students’ protests</strong>

The administration of the University of Bahr el Ghazal shut down the college indefinitely, citing paralysing students’ protests over fees hikes.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the Acting Vice Chancellor of Bahr el Ghazal University, Prof. Peter Atem Deng, said the top leadership of the university reached the decision to deal with the instability caused by the protests.

“Therefore, to restore order and protest the lives and property of the university, I, Professor Dr. Peter Atem Deng, the Acting Vice Chancellor of Bhar el Ghazal University, have decided to close the university for an indefinite period,” he stated.

He added that part of the reason for the closure was the resultant insecurity in the campus.

After the students protested over the fee hike, by the administration, the Council of States issued a letter canceling the ongoing registration as a way to solve the disagreement.

According to the letter seen by the City Review, which was addressed to the Vice Chancellor of Bahr el Ghazal University, the chairperson of education, research, science, and technology in the Council of States, Luka Mathen, canceled the ongoing registration at the university due to the demos.

The Council of states gave the university only two weeks to solve the problem of the increment in tuition fees.

“We also suspended the registration for two weeks in order to resolve the issue of tuition fees with your administration,” Luka said in the statement.