Key suspect in Aweil rape case sentenced to death

Key suspect in Aweil rape case sentenced to death
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A key suspect in the Aweil- rape case has been sentenced to death.

Saber Abusam, 42, a Sudanese trader, will face the noose after he was found guilty of playing a key role in the heinous act.

His co-accused, Omer Mohamed Omer will serve five years in jail afte he was found to have played a role in aiding the key suspect commit the offence.

“The first convict, Saber Abdellah is here by sentenced to death by hanging. The second sentence is for Omar Mahmoud Omar to 5 years imprisonment for violating section 140/A of South Sudan penal code act 2008,” said the Judge.

The two were found guilty of rapping and later killing Abuk Lual.

She was five-years-old.

The ruling sentence was delivered on Monday, May 30 before a High Court judge in Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazal.

They both have 15 days to appeal.