Rape-convict is in custody, Aweil authorities dispel ‘escape’ rumour

Rape-convict is in custody, Aweil authorities dispel ‘escape’ rumour
Police says that the suspect will be unexecuted this week, once the 15-day appeal window has elapsed. [Photo: Courtesy]

Police in Aweil County denied reports that a convict who is serving life sentence has escaped from their custody.

Saber Abusam Abdallah, a Sudanese trader was sentenced to death by a High Court in Aweil in May after he was found guilty of rapping and later murdering a seven-year-old girl.

But police have since dispelled the claims.

Capt Guot Akol, the police spokesperson in Aweil, Northern Bahar el Ghazel, said the information was not true.

“I want to put it clear that, that information is not true. Saber was transported from Aweil main prison to Wau prison to wait for his assassination (execution),” Akol clarified.

In a statement to newsrooms, he said Saber was transported under the escort of all security services in the state to wait for the execution but only after the 15-day appeal window closed.

“We’re all waiting for the legal 15-day appeal period to begin. We passed 10 days without appeal yesterday, thus the procedures for implementation must begin.

“We are all aware that only three states: Wau, Juba, and Malakal, fall under the legal category of execution, so please disregard that information,” Akol said.

The Hight Court in Aweil, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, convicted Saber, 42, for playing a key role in the rape and murder of the minor on May 30, 2022.

His co-accused, Omer Mohamed Omer, was sentenced to five years in prison for not reporting the main suspect.

“The first convict, Saber Abdallah, is here by sentenced to death by hanging. The second sentence is for Omar Mahmoud Omar to 5 years imprisonment for violating section 140/A of the South Sudan penal code act 2008,” said the Judge.