Anti-graft body faults Jonglei State gov’t in SSP 26.5m

Anti-graft body faults Jonglei State gov’t in SSP 26.5m
Cartoon representing systematic corruption in South Sudan.[Cartoon by Kulang Mading]

The chairperson of the Jonglei State anti-corruption commission, Jacob Lony Mach has accused the state government of embezzling funds.

The accusations come under the backdrop of a growing push by the constitutional post holders to have the government pay them salary arrears for two months of March and April.

“We are requesting the national government to send the auditor because we know our credit is 265, 647, 842,” he said.

“This begs the question of why the government ran out of salaries to pay civil servants since July 2021,” Jacob said in a letter seen by City Review.

He questioned why Jonglei State always faces a shortage of money at a time that other states usually receive their salaries without complaint.

Jacob added that the operating costs deduction of 15 per cent from the post holders without the council of ministers’ resolutions is not reflected in the budget.

“All constitutional post holders have not received March and April salaries of 2022. Now the civil servant from nine ministries have not received October salaries and nine counties, among them, Akobo and Fangak are requesting the government to pay the arrears of one month’s salary in August but the government has no money to pay their salaries,” he said.