Alic opens branch in Bor, vow devolution of services

Alic opens branch in Bor, vow devolution of services

The Governor of the Bank of South Sudan, Dr James Alic Garang, visited Jonglei State to inspect the land allocated for the construction of the bank’s branch in Bor town.

 Addressing the press in Bor at the proposed site of the bank, Dr. Alic noted that the Bank of South Sudan plans to bring services to the people, hence the push for a countrywide presence.

“We are doing that; we are ensuring that the branches that we have all across the 10 states are functioning,” Dr. Alic said.

He said it would be up to the bank’s management to implement their plan.

“While what you see today may not be functioning, it is upon us the management of the bank when we return to Juba to ensure that we put in place the plan to term this desolate land through the branch into something functional,” he said

Governor Alic assured the Jonglei residents about the government’s efforts in providing services to the local communities.

 “With this, I want to tell our people that your government is very keen on bringing services to you. And one of those is incumbent upon the Bank of South Sudan to provide financial services. As you might have seen for those of you that have read, we have gone to other branches in other states,” he stated.

 He added, “And what we are doing today is the continuation of that promise to visit the branches and to see that they are functioning and if they have no structure, then to see that they are structured. As we return to Juba with the delegation that has come, we will see to it that this branch that you see around is made functional.”

The Governor of Jonglei State, Denay Chagor, lauded Dr. Alic for establishing a branch for the Bank of South Sudan in Jonglei State, adding that it indicates development.

“It is a sign of peace that our country is moving forward to ensure that towns are moved to the villages to deliver services to the people. So, this is a sign and we are happy that Dr. Alic is here and we hope that more services will come to Jonglei,” Chagor said.

He stated that the Bank of South Sudan would do so much for the South Sudanese if they supported it.

“The Bank of South Sudan—this is our bank, every one of us. When you see the Bank of South Sudan, you know that it is the only thing you have. This is where we talk about development and agriculture; we talk about production; we are talking about our best, the Bank of South Sudan. And this bank would do so much for all of us if we supported it, it won’t do anything if we don’t support it,” he stressed.