Al-Burhan now rests hope on Algeria to resolve Sudan conflict

Al-Burhan now rests hope on Algeria to resolve Sudan conflict

Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Sudanese Army leader and Abdelmadjid Tebboune, President of Algeria [Photo: Courtesy]

Days after disengaging from IGAD, the Sudanese army leader, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, pointed to Algeria as his new hope for solving the ongoing conflict in the country.

Al-Burhan travelled to Algeria, met President Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Sunday and discussed bilateral talks between the sisterly countries.

He lauded the Algerian President for always being “present for every Arab or regional discussion or negotiation.”

Tebboune reaffirmed their commitment to supporting Sudan to overcome its challenges.

He said Algeria will help in resolving the Sudanese conflict, whether at the Arab or African level, alleging that the country is experiencing conspiracies.

“Sudan is facing a conspiracy with the complicity of international and regional partners.” According to Al-Sharq, Tebboune noted that Algeria had been supporting Sudan since “centuries-old relations” between the two countries.

He asserted that Sudanese army forces and the parties that signed the Juba Peace Agreement have been in coordination since they announced their support for the armed forces following the outbreak of war with the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). According to Al-Sharq, Alaeddine Naqd, Spokesman of Taqaddum stated that former prime minister Dr Abdallah Hamdok is expected to hold discussions with officials in Juba.

He said the civil forces delegation will arrive in Juba at the end of January to meet with South Sudan officials. He explained,

“The meetings would discuss putting an end to the war and address South Sudan’s role in achieving peace.”

He pointed out that officials are preparing for a meeting between the Taqaddum delegation and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North, led by Abdul-Aziz al-Hilu, and the Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Abdul Wahid Mohammad Nur. Naqd further stated that the meetings will aim at unifying the forces opposed to the war, adding that efforts are underway to organize a meeting with the two rivals.

The coordination also sent two letters to the Sudanese Communist Party and the Arab Socialist Baath Party for a meeting to unify efforts against the war.

Alsharq Al-Awsat in a statement, noted that all components of Taqaddum are expected to participate in Juba meetings.