Akok told to resign after attending SPLM event

Akok told to resign after attending SPLM event

The alleged photo of NEC chairperson attending one of the event claimed to be SPLM event/photo: courtesy/

The leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Gabriel Kuot, called on the Chairperson of the National Election Commission to resign after he was seen attending an SPLM event in Juba.

According to the statement seen by The City Review, Kuot claimed that the NEC boss, Prof. Abednego Akok,had shown signs of partisanship by attending one of the SPLM events over the weekend.

The PPP leader said that it is against the law for the commissioner to attend the activities of the party, as this shows that the electoral body could be compromised.

Since Prof. Akok is an active SPLM member, we strongly urge him to resign or face a lawsuit before the East African Court of Justice,” Kuot said.

He claimed that the NEC chairperson had violated the election law inculcating impartiality in such a sensitive office.

“We condemn Professor Abednego Akok Kachuol for violating the provision of Section 10 of the National Elections Act, 2012, as amended, which provides for the impartiality of the Elections Commission during the electoral process, considering the members of the commission are neutral and non-partisan,” he said.

He appealed to President Salva Kiir to revoke the appointment of the current chairperson, on grounds that his continued engagement in political party activities would erode the trust of the citizens in the NEC.

In a nutshell, we call upon the President of the Republic to immediately revoke SPLM diehard supporter Prof. Akok and appoint a competent and professional academic to head to this vital institution,” he said.

Kuot claimed that failure by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to be neutral can significantly undermine the integrity of the electoral process and democratic principles.   

He added that the NEC is responsible for overseeing and managing elections, including registering voters, organizing polling stations, and counting votes—all of which makes it so sensitive to be handled by someone who is of a party.

He claimed that it is the second time that SPLM top officials are adhering to their party and also attending their party-political rallies.

“This is akin to the judiciary, where Cde. Chan Reec Madut is a senior SPLM leader, and this is evidenced by his attendance at the SPLM-IG Political Rally organized in Wau last year,” he said.

In November, President Salva Kiir reappointed Prof. Akok on the SPLM party ticket as the Chairperson of the reconstituted National Elections Commission.

Early this year, Prof. Abednego Akok, Chairperson of the National Elections Commission (NEC), said the programme seeks to create awareness among voters with regard to the electoral process.

Akok, in most cases, has said elections will be conducted in December if there are resources to run the process.