Akech calls for unity for SPLM success

Akech calls for unity for SPLM success
Deputy Governor of Jonglei state Akech Dengdit[photo: courtes]

The Deputy Governor of Jonglei State, Jacob Akech Dengdit, appealed to the members of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) to embrace peace for the party’s success.

Akech, who is also the chairperson of the SPLM in Jonglei State, urged party members to shun division along the tribal line and friendship, saying this could hamper the success of the party.

“The unity of our people is paramount for the success of our party, the SPLM party,” Akech said.

Addressing SPLM members from the Greater Upper Nile region last week, Akech said the party members should prioritise unity while in power and drop all issues that divide them.

“We do not have to discriminate against anybody, but you (politicians) show the work. Do not divide us. You are in a seat today, but tomorrow somebody will be in that same seat in our party,” he said.

He challenged the members to work from all corners to ensure unity among the people to reduce conflict among communities.

Akech said that politicians should understand that opposition members are not enemies but political colleagues.

“In America, the wife and husband can be in different parties and cannot cause any problems,” he said.

He appealed to the youth to continue to work for unity to ensure that peace prevails among the communities.

Akech argued that the SPLM party remains committed to ensuring a win in the upcoming election to avoid a shared government.

“The next government will not be shared. It will take a government for SPLM to implement the agenda of the government that has never been completed,” he said.

Recently, Jonglei State Governor Denay Chagor and his deputy, Jacob Akech Dengdit, publicly clashed over the governor’s decision to create a committee to investigate the illegal sale of public lands. This disagreement has heightened tensions in Bor Town.

Akech had withdrawn his party membership from the investigation committee formed by Governor Chagor, who is affiliated with the South Sudan United Movement (SSUM) and a member of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA).