Aid worker accused of defamation freed on SSP1 million bail

Aid worker accused of defamation freed on SSP1 million bail
Daniel Wal who works for the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has been detained in Koch County, Unity State [Photo: Courtesy]

The national staff working for the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) was released from prison after paying SSP1 million in bail.

Daniel Wal was sentenced to six months of imprisonment after he was arrested last week following accusations of defamation by residents in Koch County, Unity State.

Speaking to The City Review on Sunday, Wal described the allegations against him as “baseless”, adding that he did not post anything on social.

“I was charged with defamation without being allowed to face my accuser in the local court. I have asked them several times to bring the accuser to court but they did not bring him,” Wal said.

“The local court in Koch charged me with SSP 1,100,000 and gave me six months imprisonment. I was shocked to find myself alone in the courtroom without the person who accused me,” he added.

He lamented that the charges loaded on him were too much, insisting that he is innocent.

“The SSP 1.1 million and a six-month prison charge on me in the absence of my accuser are too much, and it is lawful. I am innocent; even the chiefs know that I’m innocent,” he emphasised.

“They told me that if I do not pay the SSP 1.1 million, they will not release me. So, I had to pay the money because I know if I did not pay, they would not let me go,” he stated.

James Tut, police commissioner of Koch County, revealed that Wal was sentenced to six months imprisonment and had been released.

 “I heard that he bailed himself out. He is still here in Koch he did not go anywhere.”