Former Northern Bahr-el-Ghazal State Governor Kuel Aguer Kuel (photo credit: courtesy)
Aguer’s lawyer appeals for his treatment
The defence lawyer Kiir Chol Deng said the health of his client Kuel Aguer is not “encouraging” and he wants him to be given medical attention.
Kuel is one do the accused persons being tried in the High Court for attempting to overthrow the transitional government last year.
Speaking during the first hearing of the case on Monday, Deng said Kuel has been in prison for over one year and his health is deteriorating. 
"We appeal to the authorities to allow my client Kuel Aguer to take more necessary medical treatments,” Deng stressed.
He said his client Kuel has been receiving medication under “restriction” in the prison which makes it impossible to get all the treatment he needs.
The accused Kuel Aguer looked weak when he appeared in court for the first time since his arrest in August 2021.

In September 2021, the daughter of the former Governor of Northern Bahr-el-Ghazal State, Kuel Aguer Kuel, accused the security officer assigned to monitor her father in the hospital of defying the doctor’s advice to allow him to go for physical exercise at Dr. Biar Sports Complex.

Aguer was last rushed to the hospital when his health got worse at Juba Central Prison. He was later diagnosed with liver problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure and since then the doctor had advised him to do more exercise, his daughter, Akuel Agul Taltal revealed.

Speaking to The City Review, Taltal said the sickness of her father was improving but the pressure remained constantly high ranging between 38 to 40 in measurement.

“He is supposed to [do] more exercise at Dr. Biar [Sports] ground every morning as per the doctor’s advice but the security [officer] guiding him has refused. His condition is a little bit fair not as it was brought in the hospital the other week,” Ms. Agul  said.

Mr. Aguer was arrested in early August by the state security apparatus for being one of the signatories to the People’s Coalition for Civil Action (PCCA).

The group had called for a mass protest to oust President Salva Kiir and the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar and declared obsolete the September 2018 revitalized peace agreement.