Agak warns of looming fuel crisis ahead of Kenyan election

Agak warns of looming fuel crisis ahead of   Kenyan election
The Minister for Finance and Planning, Agak Achuil Lual. [Photo: Courtesy]

The Minister of Finance and Planning, Agak Achuil, has advised the government to ensure enough fuel imports before Kenya closes its border during elections.

Agak alleged that Kenya was planning to close its border a week from now because of the poll and that this would dry the fuel stations and subject the country to suffering.

He was addressing a special committee of finance and economics on Tuesday alongside the minister of trade and industry, the commissioner-general of authority, and the director-general of customs.

The minister suggested that the government should hire one or two fuel traders to supply fuel at subsidised costs of importation.

He called on the bodies concerned with taxation, finance, trade, Nilepet, and other institutions to steer the plan.

“The president has already declared the waiver of taxes on fuel items in Kenya for the time being, such that after the crisis, we will go back to taxation, but now there are food items that are bought in Kenya that are not taxed.”

“I don’t want to copy what they are saying, but we should look at this and discuss it.” Does it make sense if we also do something on our side? “If not, what do we do in order to keep our fuel prices down?” the Minister asked.

Agak warned that South Sudan would run into a fuel crisis if it failed to import enough fuel with the ultimate period given by the Kenyan government to close the border until election results are announced.

“So, if we miss that…we are going to run into problems getting fuel for another two weeks.” “There will be prices going up unless we have another way of rescuing the situation,” he warned.

There are only nine days remaining for Kenya to go to the polls on August 9, 2022.