After topping in CPE 2023, Joshua now dreams of being engineer

After topping in CPE 2023, Joshua now dreams of being engineer

At 16 years old, Joshua Swaka Selfador accomplished one of the most enviable goals his peers could ever dream of—emerging as the best performer in the 2023 Primary Education Certificate examination.

But the brilliance in examination performance is not his limit in terms of aspirations. The teenager has set sights on pursuing engineering should he join the university after finishing the secondary education.  

Joshua, who sat for his CPE exam at JCC model primary in Juba Central Equatoria State, scored 480 marks, making him the best performed candidate in the whole country

“After the secondary school when I join University, I will be going for engineering,” he told The City Review in an exclusive interview.

He said he wants to maintain his hard work in secondary school and up to the university level

“I am planning to be performing like this by revising hard, not leaving my books when something (subject) is being taught. When I come back, I have to revise it so that it may end up in my mind,” said Joshua.

He encouraged his peers to work harder like him.

“My message to them is for them to work hard like me, like the way I used to and some who are still behind, let them do better than mine.”

Joshua appreciated his parents, teachers, friends for supporting him to become the best performed candidate in the country

According to him, his parents provided all the necessary support needed by the school to enable him excel.

His father, Selvador Ladu, who is a government official in the office of auditor general in Juba, is could not hide his joy.

“I am really happy and one thing I would like to let you know that is Joshua’s commitment,” he said.

The father appreciated the teachers of JCC for disciplining the boy whenever he does something wrong and encouraging him to excel.  

“I thank God that I have a responsible partner (wife) who always takes responsibility in my absence the mother of Joshua,” he said.

He added, “my son is now leading in the side of the basic education certificate; he is now overall [best performer] in South Sudan that makes us very proud and very happy of him.”

The head teacher of JCC Model Primary School, Paska Muraa, said it was not their first time to produce the best candidate as they have been dominating in the previous years.

“It is not the first time we have entered the top ten. In 2013, we dominated with five pupils in top ten. Actually, if you want to get good things, it is not an easy task.”