Africa deserves two seats at UNSC, says Ugandan lawmaker

Africa deserves two seats at UNSC, says Ugandan lawmaker
Ugandan Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa. [Photo: courtesy]

Uganda’s deputy speaker of parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, is advocating for Africa to be accorded two permanent seats at the United Nations Security Council to boost representation.

The lawmaker raised the concerns during a joint parliamentary Assembly on Monday in Brussels, Belgium, at the 63rd Organisation of Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS).

In a video uploaded on the Youtube channel of NBS TV, Tayebwa said, Africa, which is three times the size of Europe, is not represented at the United Nations Security Council.”

Tayebwa stated that the UN Security Council has been reduced to settling quarrels between big states and superpowers.

“When it came to the invasion of Africa, specifically the invasion of Libya, you did all you could and you made a mess.”

“Now you have seen one of your own, whom you considered an ally in the Security Council, what he has done to one of your European countries, and you’re waking up,” Tayebwa added.

He said if Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had occurred much earlier, Europe would have listened to Africa much earlier.

“Who are you, one country? To say you vet the world’s decisions, we would like to give more powers to the UN General Assembly, where the majority of countries are represented; you do not just give five countries four countries, and then we must look into UN funding because it appears that those who give more have more power in the UN.”

Currently, China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States enjoy permanent membership in the Security Council.