ADC party boss urges government to rein in high cost of living

ADC party boss urges government to rein in high cost of living

The Chairman of the Action for Democratic Change Party (ADC), Jong Anthony Deng, appealed to the government of national unity to address the country’s rising cost of living.

 In a press statement obtained by The City Review, Mr Deng emphasised the need for an immediate response to the economic challenge.

According to Deng, the rise in bread and other food prices, as well as the delays in the salaries of civil servants, have impacted the country’s ordinary citizens. 

“The increase of bread prices and other food items and delays in salaries for civil servants are now affecting the common people who cannot afford a single meal for their families with zero income,” he said.  

“In light of this pressing concern, we strongly affirm the need for an urgent solution to the aforementioned conditions as these may interfere with the normal function of the government,” he added.  

He advised the government to address the problem by subsidising the prices of wheat and maize flour, paying civil servants’ wages, and granting agriculture loans to farmers to improve agricultural productivity.

“Make subsidies on wheat and maize flour, release the salaries of civil servants on time, and extend loans to local agriculture farmers to increase agricultural production,” he noted.

 He stated that the party would continue to push the government until it tackled the high cost of living.

“ADC assures the citizens that it will continue to act until our government finds improvement in the cost of living.”

The high cost of living in the country has remained a long-lasting economic challenge, with most citizens decrying the increase in prices of essential commodities.