Activist calls for removal of committee over salary delays

Activist calls for removal of committee over salary delays
Dr. Jong Anthony Deng Chairperson of Action for Democratic Change (ADC). [photo: courtesy]

A political activist has appealed to the national Ministry of Finance and Planning to suspend the recently formed task force on salary payments if it is to end the endemic salary delays.

According to the press statement seen by The City Review, the Chairperson of the Action for Democratic Change (ADC) party, Dr. Anthony Jong, claimed that the task force contributed to the delay of salaries.

“I am calling on the Ministry of Finance and Planning to terminate [term of] the task force committee; it will be an immediate solution to the ongoing confusion in civil servant salaries in the country after four months without civil servants’ salaries,” Jong said.

According to Jong, the committee that was formed by the Ministry of Finance to clear out ghost names has contributed to the delay in the salaries of civil servants.

He argued that the formation of the task force committee was a hope to the South Sudanese, as it was expected that the cases of ghost names would never exist but it has not lived up to expectations.

“When the ministry formed that task force committee, everyone was expecting that a real financial reform was about to take place by eliminating the massive ghost names from all the payrolls in different institutions,” he said.

“I am urgently asking the minister of finance and economic planning to seek other ways of dealing with ghost names and other malpractices in his institution rather than depending on the national task force committee,” he appealed.

He added that till now, states and administrative areas have continued without receiving salaries due to the delay.

Addressing the media, the Deputy chairperson of SPLM-IO, Oyet Nathaniel, also claimed that the civil servants and unified forces continue to face difficulties due to delays in salaries.

He appealed to the Minister of Finance and Planning to stick to his promise and pay salaries on time.

In September, the members of the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly said they were facing challenges after a delay in their salaries for three months.

The chairperson of the parliamentary committee for information, John Agany, said the payments had not been instant because of the restructuring of the salaries of the employees, including the army and the organized forces.

“That is the reason why it is becoming a very difficult issue because all the pay sheets need to be restructured to be put in order,” he said, adding that this affected the salaries for July, August, and September.