Accused lawyer, Madut, sticks to his social media posts

Accused lawyer, Madut, sticks to his social media posts

Accused advocate Peter Madut stood by his social media statements saying that he never defamed businessman Bak Mayendit.

On Thursday, Madut was questioned as the first witness in his case in which he declared in court that he would stick to his posts on social media, where he used various phrases to refer to describe Mayendit.

Madut told the court that he would not back down from his comments on social media about Mayendit adding that what he said has evidence.

He displayed multiple documents, including cheques for the court to prove that he and Mayendit were giving each other loans and accepting partial repayment of the borrowed funds.

However according to Madut, even though Bak reimbursed part of the loan, he still expects SSP 6 million from the businessman.

“I demand from him SSP 6 million and SSP 40000. That is the balance he failed to pay me,” accused advocate Madut claimed.

According to Madut, legal action was taken against him as a result of his social media communication over the unpaid money since the accuser cut off communication with him.

“He never wants to meet me again; he cut off communication with me although the loan has passed the agreed-upon days and even years,” he narrated.

“He hurt me; as such, I stand by my statement,” he added.

In his response to his lawsuit against the lawyer Madut, following an examination of video evidence, Mayendit claimed that he cleared the entire loan he received from Madut.

He filed a defamation suit against Madut in the Juba High Court last year, claiming the advocate tarnished his reputation on social media.

Mr. Madut went public on his Facebook account, accusing the businessman of being a corrupt and fake businessman, among other claims.

He accused Madut of defamation.

In the last hearing, Mayendit demanded about $1.5 million and a Prado Land Cruiser in damages from Madut was “defaming him on social media.”

The Juba court is yet to rule on the case as advocate Madut is requested to present his second witness before the court on May 16, 2024.