Abyei wants neutral forces to settle Ngok Dinka-Twic conflict

Abyei wants neutral forces to settle Ngok Dinka-Twic conflict

Undated picture showing settlements set ablaze as armed security personnel keep their guard in South Sudan. [Photo: courtesy]

The Abyei Special Administrative Area leadership called on the national government to expedite the process of the deployment of neutral forces to settle the conflict between the two warring communities of Dinka Ngok and Twic.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Minister of Information in Abyei Administrative Area, Bulis Koch, called on the relevant security authorities to expedite the deployment of neutral forces to start the implementation of the Presidential Orders for a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Ngok Dinka Twic.

Also, he appealed to the two communities to adhere to the president’s order to bring peace to the area.

“Abyei Special Administrative Area welcomed the Presidential Order as a good gesture and a way to bring about peace and stability to the two warring communities and call upon the Warrap Government to coordinate with the Abyei Administration in the implementation of the Presidential Orders,” Koch said.

In a related development, Koch demanded a clarification on the ‘unilateral investigation’ conducted by Warrap State on the recent conflict in Abyei.

 “The Abyei Special Administrative Area would like to get clarification from the Government of Warrap State about the state Minister of Information Statement and the alleged investigation conducted on the incident in Abyei and how the investigation was done without consulting or involving the ASAA government,” Koch said.  

 “The Abyei Special Administrative Area considers the press release made by the Warrap State Minister of Information dated January 30, 2024, as baseless and an act of cover-up in order to hide the truth and incite violence at the same time.”

On January 30, the government of Warrap State condemned the allegations made by the authorities of Abyei Administrative Area.

 “We will continue to disseminate truthful and verifiable information as we continue cooperating to ensure that lasting peace is established between Ngok Dinka and Twic),” he said.

The Warrap government claimed to be committed to the implementation of the recent presidential order intended to reduce tensions between warring communities.

Last month, President Salva Kiir issued a presidential order on the resolution of the conflicts between Twic of Warrap State and Ngok Dinka of Abyei, aimed at immediately ceasing hostilities.

However, fighting has continued in the area despite the order from the president and the community has since vowed not to let the spiritual leader Gai Machiek leave the area