Abyei relentless over girl-child education

Abyei relentless over girl-child education
Some school girls in one of the unidentified school in South Sudan. Abyei leadership is pushing to have more girls registered in schools. [Photo: courtesy]

The leadership of the Abyei Administrative Area  has pledged to promote girl-child education even as conflict continues to threaten the area. 

The AAA minister of health, Dr Ayom Korcheck, who also serves as the acting minister of education promised to increase the enrollment of girls in schools despite challenges.

Korcheck was speaking during a two-day workshop aimed at creating awareness among parents on the importance of girl-child education.

The event that brought together government officials, women’s groups, parents, and students was organised by the local administration with the support of UNICEF under the theme “Girl education is our pride”.

Dr. Ayom emphasised the need for every household in the Abyei to give equal rights and privileges to both girls and boys.

He said that in the modern world, women to be literate and self-reliant so that they can take good care of themselves and their families.

“I am encouraging many of you parents to take your girls to schools to be educated and later on you will be the one to benefit when she is employed. She will take care of herself and even you,” Ayom said.

He called on the parents to always support their daughters during difficult times to reduce cases of school dropouts.

According to the authorities, the recent conflict in Abyei had affected most of the schools and traumatised learners.

He blamed most parents for denying girls the right to an education and opting to marry off their daughters for wealth.

Rebecca Nyanguok Margret, one of the participants, said most girls are being kept at home for domestic work instead of going to school.

She called on the government to encourage more girls to go to school through the provision of free education and sanitary needs.

Margaret blamed some parents who have turned their daughters into business as they earn themselves lucrative bride prices.

The young girls in the area have been advised to report any form of mistreatment to the nearest police stations or the gender desk of the administrative area.  

Since South Sudan attained its independence, Abyei Administrative Area has been in continuous conflict. Communities from the neighbouring country, Sudan, have clashed with their South Sudanese neighbours leading to deaths and displacement.

The degree of violence in the area has left the education sector in dilemma due closing of schools whenever violence erupts.