Abyei blames fresh attacks on ‘UNISFA’s negligence’

Abyei blames fresh attacks on ‘UNISFA’s negligence’

Authorities in Abyei Administrative Area have accused the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) of negligence, saying it has failed to stop the continued Misseriya attacks on Ngok Dinka communities.

The statement came after the Misseriya attacked a vehicle on the road to Amiet Market on Saturday, leaving one person dead and five others injured.

According to the authorities, Amiet has experienced frequent attacks on Ngok Dinka by the Misseriya.

In the document dated July 30, 2022, seen by The City Review, Ajak Deng Miyan, the Area Administration’s spokesperson, confirmed that one person was killed and five others injured in the latest attack on Abyei.

“Today, Saturday July 30th, at around 10:30 am, a Misseriya militia ambushed and attacked a vehicle heading to Amiet Market, an attack which resulted in the killing of one person and the injury of five others, of which one person was seriously injured, just one kilometre from Dokura village,” Ajak said.

He condemned the incident and heaped blame on UNISFA for failing to restore peace despite being deployed in the area.

“We call upon UNISFA to live up to its mandate and render effective security, and protection to civilians and underscore the fact that a recurrent killing at exactly one place on Abyei-Amiet Road amounts to clear negligence,” he appealed.

He condemned the act and called on the residents in the area to remain calm, adding that the authorities would provide the necessary protection.

“The Abyei Administrative Area condemns this barbaric act in the strongest term possible,” he added.

Also, he conveyed condolences to the family of the deceased and reiterated the Administration’s support during a hard time.    

Previous attacks

According to reports, early this year 19 died and dozens more were wounded in an attack in the disputed Abyei region.

Officials suspect nomadic Misseriya herders from Sudan to be the perpetrators of an attack on the Dinka village of Kolom in Abyei.

However, in April 2022 the Sudanese top military leader called for the formation of a committee to investigate the root cause of the yearlong conflict and figure out how to end the violence.

This was after more than 350 Misseriya tribesmen attacked the localities of Leu, Boma Noog and Amiet market in the Eastern and Northern parts of Abyei town according to AJak Deng Miyan the spokesperson for the Administrative Area.

Abyei area has been a source of conflict between Sudan and South Sudan for years. the discovery of oil has made the region economically valuable to both countries since 2011. Tensions in the area have been high and members of Ngok Dinka community have clashed with Misseriya pastoralists over water and grassing land.